Constraint Induced Movement Therapy - CIMT

CIMT is an intensive upper limb therapy that has a strong research base and recommended in the Stroke Guidelines; it is commonly regarded as the gold standard treatment. For this program, we "constrain" your working hand. You need to be able to commit to 2 weeks of daily therapy for 3.5 hours per day with us and some practice at home. We work with you to identify your goals and regaining greater arm function. 

Task Specific Training

By picking meaningful tasks you do everyday at home and in the community, such as using a fork, lifting and drinking from a mug, brushing your hair, dialling your phone, your therapist will break it down into specific movements and work with you on the ones that you have difficulty with. It may not be the most exciting rehab activity but being able to accomplish these everyday tasks helps recovery and builds your confidence which is why we try to include some task specific training in all our programs. 

Electrical Stimulation

Surface Electromyography training (sEMG) involves placing electrodes on your affected arm which, when activated by your efforts, move your muscles into the chosen position. This can help to train your muscles on how to strengthen the targeted movement.

Our devices can also provide sensitivity training for individual fingers which helps your control and recovery. 

Mirror Therapy 

Mirror therapy involves the use of a mirror where your affected arm gets hidden within a box and your unaffected arm carries out a series of movements. By watching the mirror, you can trick your brain into thinking that your affected arm is moving, tapping into the neuroplasticity potential of your brain. Your brain will activate the same way as it would if you were actually physically doing the movement with your affected arm which increases the potential for movement 

Robotics & Sensor Assisted Upper Limb Training

As one the only clinic in Southern Sydney with the Tyromotion system we are at the cutting edge of rehab therapies. These sophisticated robotic systems can assess your function down to the smallest improvement. You will have an individual program using computer games that make therapy interesting and exciting. This experience will help you to get more repetitions in your therapy session which leads to greater gains and confidence.

Cognitive Programs

By using fun gaming exercises our specialist Tyromotion devices can be used in combination with your upper limb therapy exercises to improve your thinking and cognitive skills.

If you do not need to work on your arms and hands, we also offer therapy programs to improve just your thinking skills. If you just need to work on your cognitive (or thinking skills) ask our therapists we have a range of specialist cognitive programs we can assist you with.