Housing Assessments - SDA - SIL -  Living 

Epic Rehab have a team of experienced OT's who have conducted many housing assessments, including SDA & SIL. 

If you are an NDIS participant with housing or accommodation goals identified in your plan and are seeking an assessment by an OT  you can fill in our referral form here

SDA Assessments, What Are They? 

The SDA program is an exciting initiative by NDIS to help people with very high support needs or extreme functional impairment achieve their housing goals. Due to the costly nature of SDA it is available to only a small number of NDIS participants who are deemed eligible after completing an SDA Assessment. Epic Rehab has completed a number of these assessments with all our clients being deemed eligible.  


Firstly a participant’s plan must include the participant’s statement of housing goals and aspirations and a statement of participant supports. The assessment looks at;

  • The significance and impact of the participant's disability on mobility, self care and self management
  • Supports available to the participant to enable them to achieve their housing goals
  • The type of housing, size and location required

The assessment is written to address the rules set down by the NDIS which can be viewed on the NDIS website here

Why Epic?

Epic has a team of highly experienced Occupational Therapists who have completed a number of SDA Assessments. We have also completed many Transition assessments where we have worked closely with support coordinators, participants and their housing providers to ensure a smooth and effective move into their new accommodation. This has enabled us to develop the knowledge and experience of what it takes for SDA to work effectively and we are able to utilise this awareness in our assessments to prevent some of the difficulties participants experienced in the early days of the scheme.  

Need an SDA or Other Housing Assessment or Have Questions? 

If you have questions about SDA or housing eligibility and assessments you can email us on the link below and one of our SDA Team will contact you.