Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (TBI) occurs when someone’s head is severely hit or shaken, or when an object goes into the brain. Brain injuries range from mild to severe. People with TBI may have changes to their personality, trouble with memory, confusion, or poor judgment. They may be tired, depressed, or anxious. The changes to the brain after TBI can affect people’s ability to do daily activities (occupations). It may also affect their roles, such as employee, spouse, parent, and friend. Although TBI can affect how a person functions, many people with TBI learn to live valued and productive lives.

At Epic we provide Occupational Therapy, Case Management and OT Assistant services to help people with TBI;

  • Address problems with memory, attention span, and organisation
  • Feel more in control of their emotions and behavior.
  • Be safe at home and in the community.
  • Participate in work, school, or volunteer opportunities.

If you are caring for a person with a developmental disability and would like to see them achieving more then contact us to see how we can help.